As a child, Courtney dreamed of becoming a filmmaker. By 26, she broke into the business when Glamour Magazine picked up her screenplay and Moxie Pictures produced it into a film. Today she is the co-founder, writer, and director for Cosmic Dust Films.   

featured documentary work

City to Farm to Table

This inspirational documentary follows three former city dwellers as they take on farming and community transformation. These Midwesterners weave together a tapestry of unique stories cut from the same cloth: the desire to leave behind city lives and careers to take up farming. Work alongside these colorful characters and learn what it takes to go from city to farm to table.

The World’s Tree

Known by different names around the world, this one tree has thepower to feed tropical and subtropical populations, thrive in a changing climate, and unite communities as the center of its cuisine and festivals. This documentary presents the story of the breadfruit tree from its history steeped in controversy, to its role on the sustainability mainstage. 

featured film work


Short Film Written and Directed by V.R. Rao

A struggling artist finds new doors opening to him in unexpected ways.

Role: Associate Producer


Moxie Pictures in Association with Glamour Magazine 

When Gabriella (Perabo) moves from her small town to New York City, her fiancé leaves her, and she’s left to decide where she truly belongs. 

Role: Screenwriter