Eric Hoffer Winner
Best Mystery/Crime Novel

Eric Hoffer Winner
New Horizons Winner – Debut Author

IndieReader Winner
Mystery / Thriller / Suspense Novel

“The French House is thrilling and suspenseful, filled with unpredictable characters and plot twists. Each question answered seems to bring forth a new mystery for readers to discover and see where they end up. Between murder and social hierarchy climbing, readers will have a steady source of action and entertainment to keep them hooked till the last page.”

Literary Titan

Courtney Lochner holds degrees in French Literature and Communication Studies from Sorbonne Université and the University of Minnesota. A former professional dancer, she has lived throughout the world and worked as a ballet and hip-hop dance instructor in Rio de Janeiro, a camp counselor in the Pyrenees, and an English teacher in Prague. A travel writer and psychedelic therapy journalist, her fiction has been produced into a film by Moxie Pictures in association with Glamour Magazine. Courtney is the co-founder of Cosmic Dust Films.

Courtney is available for reading events, workshops, and seminars.

Lochner’s prose is as sensory-rich and delicious as the settings and twists and turns of her story. This is a book to savor in a quiet corner in low light, with a glass of something rich and no other humans in sight.

Susanna Daniel, PEN/Bingham Prize Winning Author of Stilstville 

Atmospheric and haunting—The French House will leave you questioning your memories and wanting to discuss its twists long after reading.

Gregory Lee Renz, International Award-Winning Author of Beneath the Flames  

An inventive, sharply written thriller that explores the world of simulation, The French House will make you question what’s actually real—and what isn’t.

Sandra A. Miller, Author of Wednesdays at One